Biggar Bonfire

No further complaints were made until the early nineties when an incomer who had bought a house near the site complained to the authorities about its size. The chief of the fire brigade and the police called a meeting with the organisers, declaring to them that "no way was that huge pile of wood being lit on Biggar High Street". A quick phone call to the right person soon sorted that out and a compromise was reached.

It was allowed to go on but the fire brigade had to hose it down at half past midnight. This was agreed. At the given time the fire brigade began to hose it down, much to everyone's annoyance. Once it was hosed out they went back to base.

I happened to comment what a pity they had wasted the night for everyone. "Dinna worry", was the comment "we have thirty gallons o' diesel round the back. It's going on in 10 minutes." So our tradition was kept going once again after all we kept to the agreement to put it out, they did not say we could not light it again! (In the welcoming speech the incomer was told in no uncertain terms that if he was not happy with our traditions, he better flit back to where he came from).

So once again Biggar will be the place to be on Hogmanay. As the saying goes: "London and Edinburgh are big but Biggar's Biggar." (c.) Peter Rae.